XPro Clean is a part of the organizations operating under Infinite Xtensions. The main objective of XproClean is to offer expert cleaners, to support specialized cleaning services. In addition, we do provide housekeeping janitors to the organizations. It will help them to meet their daily housekeeping needs.

In addition, we does provide deep cleaning service to the individuals. Any flat owner or resident can contact us for the home cleaning service. Moreover, deep cleaning will include floor cleaning, toilet cleaning, kitchen cleaning. In addition, it includes, top to bottom dusting and vacuuming of the property.

Thus, any organization and individual can contact XPro Clean, to get the cleaning service in their respective localities and cities.

A list of the services we offer

  • Single time specialized cleaning or deep cleaning service.
  • Housekeeping Janitorial service on shift basis to the event organizers, and film industry.
  • Yearly Housekeeping contracts with corporate companies and industrial units. Our expert janitors will clean the property on daily basis.

Other Important corporate services

We are offering multiple services in multiple cities and industrial zones. Thus, any individual and other organizations can contact us for Housekeeping, Canteen / Catering, Corporate uniforms and corporate gift supplies.

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