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Deep Home Cleaning and Professional Housekeeping Service in Mumbai. Specialized cleaning service available for corporate companies, factories and residential societies.

Thus, if you want to hire professional cleaners in Mumbai to clean your home, do call us. Similarly, do call us for office cleaning services in Mumbai.

Home Cleaning & Housekeeping Mumbai
Home Cleaning & Housekeeping Mumbai

Shampoo or Steam Cleaning Service in Mumbai

Carpet Shampoo & Steam Cleaning

Team of Xpro Clean is experienced and skilled to clean your office carpet. Thus, if you are searching for Carpet Shampoo service or Carpet steam cleaning service in Mumbai, feel free to contact us. Our operation manager will visit your site, and after inspection, we will mail you the quotation.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Mumbai
Carpet Cleaning Service in Mumbai

Chair / Sofa Shampoo or Steam Cleaning Service in Mumbai

We do have provision to send our cleaning experts @ your office or home to provide sofa cleaning service. It includes, sofa shampoo and sofa steam cleaning service. Thus, to remove the stains and dirt from your upholstery, just dial the mobile number of XPro Clean.

Sofa Cleaning Service in Mumbai
Sofa Cleaning Service in Mumbai
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Deep Cleaning Service in Juhu

Home Cleaning Service in Juhu

Searching for the company offering home cleaning service in Juhu? XPro Clean has the solution of your query. We have trained and reliable cleaning professionals to clean your flat from top to bottom.

Moreover, XPro Clean gives total house cleaning service in all parts of Mumbai. Thus, residents of Juhu can contact us to clean their residential properties.

The objective of XPro Clean is to give the total cleaning services. Thus, we have created a package to satisfy all your flat cleaning need.

Home Cleaning Service Juhu

Our residential cleaning package includes, janitor charges, transportation charges, machine charges and cleaning chemical/consumable charges. Thus, whatever present in your residence, is included in our scope of cleaning. Thus, to clean your flat from top to bottom, just dial the number of XPro Clean.

Professional Housekeeping for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties like corporate offices, hospitals needs extra care. Thus, XPro Clean does accept yearly housekeeping contracts of such properties located in Juhu.

Moreover, our objective behind accepting housekeeping contracts in Juhu is to help the companies in their day to day cleaning. This effort made by our housekeeping company, help the organizations to focus on their own objectives and growth.

Housekeeping Service Juhu

Thus, any organization facing housekeeping related issues. And, want to outsource the housekeeping service to the professional facility company, can contact us. Based on the requirements of the commercial premises, we will deploy our janitors to maintain the property.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Juhu

Professional Carpet cleaning service is a part of our service list. Thus, for the doorstep service in Juhu, feel free to contact us.

Moreover, carpet cleaning is exclusively available for the commercial properties. However, this service is also available under the home deep cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Shampoo Service

In carpet shampoo service, we use the specialized cleaning agents to clean stains from the carpets. In addition, we do vacuum the carpets, after the shampoo cleaning. This process removes the access water form the carpets, which leads to the fast dry.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam cleaning is considered as the best way to remove the stains, as well as germs from the carpets. We are using a specialized steam machine along with chemicals, for the deep carpet cleaning in Juhu.

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Colaba – Home Cleaning & Housekeeping Service – XPro Clean

Home Cleaning Service in Colaba

For expert deep home cleaning service in Colaba and all other areas of Mumbai, contact XPro Clean. We have the expert cleaners, to clean any property. In addition, we equipped them with all the tools and expert chemicals to sanitize the property. Thus, to get the best hygiene condition at your home, call us immediately.

  • Module-I (empty flat cleaning):
    The Service includes, cleaning of doors. Window cleaning. Sliding tracks of doors and window vacuuming. Cleaning of fan, switches. Floor Cleaning, Kitchen cleaning (including inside and outside cleaning of the kitchen cabinets), and washroom cleaning. In addition, any other fixtures or installed mosquito nets are also included. Thus, almost everything installed inside the home is included in empty house cleaning service.


  • Module-II (furnished flat cleaning):
    The Service includes, all the services mentioned in Module-I. In addition, dusting and vacuuming of all the major electrical appliances and upholstery.


Home Cleaning Service Colaba Mumbai


Other Cleaning Services (Optional)

  • Wet wall mopping (possible only on washable paints)
  • Sofa Cleaning Service (Chair and Sofa Shampoo)
  • Bed Mattress Cleaning Service (Mattress Shampoo Service).


We offer top to bottom cleaning solution to the domestic properties, Thus, call us now, to book a slot for the house cleaning in Colaba and other parts of the Mumbai.


Professional Housekeeping Service in Colaba

Apart from deep home cleaning in Colaba, XPro Clean does offer corporate Housekeeping Service in Colaba.

This is the corporate property maintenance service on yearly contract basis. Thus, any corporate office can contact us to get professional housekeeping in Colaba and other areas of Mumbai.

Professional Housekeeping includes

  • Janitorial Service (on shift basis)
  • Rental of professional cleaning machines
  • Charges of professional cleaning chemicals
  • Charges of cleaning consumables.

Xpro Clean has teams of professional housekeepers to maintain the hygiene of any property. Our janitors are trained to clean the toilets, washrooms, operate the cleaning machines to clean the floors and other areas of the property. Thus, any organization can contact us to get the high standard of corporate office, residential society or industrial Facility service in Colaba and other areas of Mumbai.

Office Deep Cleaning Service in Colaba

Office deep cleaning is a concept of single time cleaning of the commercial property, from top to bottom. Moreover, we have the best commercial cleaning experience. Thus, corporate companies can contact us to reserve their slot office cleaning service in Colaba.

Moreover, for office cleaning service, management of the company needs to contact us for the site visit. It will help us to understand your requirements.

Office Cleaning Service Includes

  • Professional carpet shampoo (carpet cleaning) service
  • Chair and sofa cleaning service
  • Curtain cleaning service
  • Floor cleaning service with professional floor scrubbing machine
  • Pantry area cleaning service
  • Common washroom cleaning service
  • Dusting and vacuum cleaning of office tables, cabinets and all other areas.

As a professional housekeeping company, we offer all type of hygiene related service. Thus, contact us to get best commercial cleaning experience.

Starting Rates of Deep Cleaning

Call us to book the slot.

House Cleaning Service in Colaba

₹ & $

1RK Flat Cleaning
₹3500 or $50
1BHK Flat Cleaning
₹4500 or $65
2BHK Flat Cleaning
₹5500 or $75
3BHK Flat Cleaning
₹6500 or $90

Industrial Deep Cleaning and Housekeeping Service

Apart from domestic cleaning and office cleaning service, we do serve production units and other industries. Therefore, for the intensive cleaning or specialized cleaning of factory, do contact us. Even, if you have any industrial unit in Pune, PCMC, Talegaon, Chakan or other MIDC areas. Do contact us to get the quotation for the yearly housekeeping contract.

Residential Society Housekeeping Service

We are committed to offer total cleaning solution. Thus, we do accept the residential society housekeeping requests. Thus, simply dial the contact number of XPro Clean, to get the professional housekeeping service in Mumbai.

Wall Painting Service in Colaba

Our team is well equipped and experienced to solve other property maintenance related issues. Thus, we do offer wall painting services in Colaba. This offer is open for residential units, as well as commercial units. Just give us a call, and we will send our representative to survey the site.

Colaba to Pune Taxi Service

Colaba to Pune taxi service is also available for the residents. This service is offered by our travel partner CabX.

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Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning & Housekeeping – Bandra

Deep Cleaning Service in Bandra

Xpro Clean offers deep cleaning service in Bandra east and Bandra west. Deep cleaning is the process of single time cleaning of any property from top to bottom. Thus, we train our janitors, and equip them with specialized machine and chemicals to perform specialized cleaning services.

Moreover, the objective of the XPro Clean is to facilitate the team of cleaners to the corporate companies, industries and residents.

Thus, anyone located in Bandra or nearby locality, can contact us for the home cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sofa cleaning services.

Cleaning Service Bandra

Corporate Housekeeping Service in Bandra

XPro Clean does offers corporate housekeeping services to the corporate offices located in Bandra, and nearby localities.

Moreover, professional housekeeping is a mixture of the janitorial service, cleaning machine sales or rental service and supply of cleaning chemicals and consumables. Thus, it's a complete package to maintain the hygiene in any organization.

Therefore, any organization looking for the housekeeping service in Bandra or BKC, can contact XPro Clean. We do serve annual housekeeping contract and single time office cleaning service.

Office Cleaning Bandra

Home Cleaning Service Rates

Starting Rates

House Deep Cleaning

₹ & $

1RK Flat Cleaning
₹3500 or $50
1BHK Flat Cleaning
₹4500 or $65
2BHK Cleaning
₹5500 or $75
3BHK Flat Cleaning
₹6500 or $90

Optional Service (Possible only on washable wall paints)

Wet Wall Mopping

₹ & $

1RK Wet Wall Cleaning
₹500 or $10
1BHK Wet Wall Mopping
₹1000 or $20
2BHK Wet Wall Mopping
₹1500 or $25
3BHK Wet Wall Mopping
₹2000 or $30

Carpet Shampoo Service in Bandra East and West

XPro Clean is committed to solve all types of cleaning related solution to the corporate offices. In this series, we do offer a carpet shampoo service in BKC. Thus, any corporate company located in Bandra and other localities of Mumbai, can contact us for carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Shampoo Service BKC

Deep Office Cleaning Service Bandra

Deep Office Cleaning service in Bandra, is one of the priority item on our service list. It includes floor scrubbing service, upholstery cleaning service, wall cleaning service, cafeteria or kitchen cleaning service and office carpet cleaning service.

Moreover, our team is equipped with professional cleaning machines and, safe cleaning chemicals. Thus, any corporate company located in BKC or any part of Mumbai, can contact us for the professional office clean service.

Sofa Cleaning Service BKC


Sponsored: Contact CabX for the Bandra to Pune taxi service.

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Home Cleaning and Housekeeping, Malad, Mumbai

Home Cleaning Service in Malad, Mumbai

XPro Clean invites you to get the best home cleaning service in Malad, Mumbai. With the help of our expert cleaning janitors, we are capable to clean your home from top to bottom. Thus, whenever you need to get the profession home cleaning, contact XPro Clean.

XPro Clean is the integral part of the Infinite Xtensions group of companies. Thus, we can give you the team of verified and reliable cleaning professionals. In addition, we will give you the best cleaning products to maintain the hygiene of your property.

Service Includes

Home cleaning service includes the following:

  • Cleaning of doors, windows, sliding tracks, grills, installed nets
  • Cleaning of Fans, lighting areas, electrical switches, installed wall units
  • Dusting and vacuuming of all the major furniture and major electrical appliances
  • Floor cleaning (Manual and Mechanized*)
  • Inside and Outside cleaning of kitchen cabinets, wall units. Outside cleaning of kitchen chimney
  • Toilet and Bathroom cleaning.

In short, our cleaning professionals will clean each and every corner of your home. To understand the process better and to book the slot, please contact XPro Clean.

Professional Cleaning Service in Malad
Home Cleaning Malad

Office Cleaning Service

Office cleaning in Malad, Mumbai is the another horizontal part of our service catalog. Thus, our service is open for all the offices located in Malad east or Malad west area of Mumbai. To get the quotation, feel free to contact XPro Clean. We will send our representative to inspect your office and to understand your cleaning requirement.

Office Cleaning Service in Malad

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning, Malad

XPro clean do provide carpet cleaners and sofa cleaners in Malad. Thus, if your sofa, chair and carpet needs shampoo clean or steam clean, feel free to contact XPro Clean. In addition, with the help of our expert cleaners, we do provide mattress cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Service Malad
Professional Carpet Shampoo in Malad


Contact CabX for the Malad to Pune taxi service.

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Home Cleaning & Housekeeping Service in Goregaon, Mumbai

Home Cleaning Service in Goregaon, East and West

Call us to get the best home cleaning service in Goregaon, Mumbai. XPro Clean is a professional housekeeping company. Thus, we understand your need better. Our cleaning experts are verified, professional and humble. In addition, we have years of experience to manage the facility services. Thus, to get the best result in house cleaning, contact us to book your slot.

Note: We believe in human interaction. Thus, to book your slot, please contact on given mobile number. Our executive will share the details, and book the slot for you.

Professional Cleaning Service in Goregaon
Professional Cleaning Service in Goregaon

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services

XPro Clean dose offer Carpet shampoo or steam cleaning service in Goregaon, Mumbai. In addition, we do offer sofa cleaning, bed mattress cleaning. Thus, call us immediately to get the professional Upholstery cleaning in Goregaon and nearby area.

Sofa Cleaning Service, Goregaon

Kitchen and Toilet Cleaning Service in Goregaon

Searching for the custom cleaning service provider in Goregaon? Feel free free to contact XPro Clean. We dose provide only kitchen cleaning and only bathroom cleaning service in Goregaon, Mumbai. Thus, now you can get the profession cleaning service for the custom areas of your home.

Kitchen and Toilet Cleaning Service Rates in Goregaon

Only Kitchen: ₹3000/Kitchen (includes, inside and outside cleaning of kitchen cabinets and fridge, wall cleaning etc.)

Only Washroom: ₹1500/Toilet or Bathroom Cleaning.


Office Cleaning Service, Goregaon

We do offer office cleaning and housekeeping service in Mumbai. Thus, we do cover the Goregaon east and west zone of Mumbai. Moreover, our team is fully equipped with all the cleaning machines and materials. Thus, we are capable to give total cleaning solutions. Our office cleaning service in Goregaon includes:

  • Floor Cleaning and Scrubbing Service
  • Carpet Shampoo and Steam Cleaning Service
  • Office Chair and Sofa Cleaning Service (Shampoo/Steam)
  • Wet wall mopping service
  • Toilet and washroom cleaning service
  • Doors and Window Cleaning service
  • Curtain Cleaning Services.

In addition, on demand, we do provide professional housekeeping service in Goregaon. To get the detailed information, please contact us.

Office Cleaning Goregaon
Office Cleaning Goregaon, Mumbai

Project Cleaning, Goregaon

Project cleaning, is specially designed to provide total cleaning solution to the construction companies. Our team is trained, and professional enough to help the property developers. Thus, once your company finish or finalize the stage of construction, you can contact us to professionally clean the premises.

Our representative will visit the site, and understand the cleaning requirements. On the basis of requirement of cleaning machines, janitors and cleaning materials, we will give you the quotation.

Project Cleaning Service
Project Cleaning Service

Moreover, apart from Goregaon, we dose provide service in other parts of Mumbai too.

Contact CabX for the Goregaon to Pune taxi service.

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