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Office Cleaning & Corporate Housekeeping Service in Mumbai


It is really tough process to find the right commercial cleaning service provider to handle the big projects. However, as you already landed in this page, thus, now you will get the solution.

XPro Clean has excellent record in corporate office cleaning services. Our team is highly skilled and experienced to clean any type of the commercial property.

Moreover, we have a provision to provide professional janitors to clean corporate office spaces, commercial kitchens, construction projects, and interior projects. Therefore, to get the best cleaning service in Mumbai, feel free to contact XPro Clean.

Office cleaning service in Mumbai

Corporate Office Cleaning Service in Mumbai

Commercial spaces or corporate offices need to hire advance cleaning professionals to execute office cleaning. In addition, this process does require professional cleaning machines and knowledge of appropriate cleaning agents.

Moreover, the team of XPro Clean has all the capabilities to clean all types of commercial spaces. Therefore, any organization searching for office cleaning service providers in Mumbai, can contact XPro Clean.

Once we get the request from you, we will send our representative for the site inspection. Once we get to know about the scope of the cleaning work, we will generate the estimate. Thus, contact now, and share the address of the site to get the free quotation of the office cleaning.

Carpet cleaning service in Mumbai

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Mumbai

Everyday use of vacuum machine is recommended to those corporate offices, where floors are covered with the carpets. However, they do need to wash the carpet at least two times in a year.

Moreover, wet carpet cleaning is a complex task. Thus, it requires trained team with the right equipments for carpet sanitization service.

XPro Clean has the skilled team to clean the office carpets. Therefore, if your office housekeeping staff, or housekeeping service provider is not capable to do so, kindly contact us.

The quotation for the carpet cleaning service in Mumbai is depends on the carpet area, and condition of the carpet. Thus, to get the professional help for the carpet shampoo service and carpet steam cleaning service, just dial the contact number of XPro Clean.

Upholstery Cleaning service in Mumbai

Cleaning of Office Upholstery

Chair shampoo, sofa shampoo and sofa polishing are the process to groom the office furniture. XPro Clean has the team of professional cleaners. We do have a knowledge of upholstery grooming service. Therefore, any office located in Mumbai city, can contact us for the sofa & chair cleaning services.

Type Rates
Shampoo cleaning
Steam cleaning
Chair Cleaning ₹135/Seat ₹225/Seat
Sofa Cleaning ₹250/Seat ₹450/Seat

Please note: Sofa shampoo, Chair-shampoo and carpet shampoo service is not a part of the office deep cleaning service. Thus, to avail these services, the client needs to pay extra.

Internal and external wall cleaning service in Mumbai

Internal and External Wall Cleaning Services in Mumbai

People can judge the financial health of any organization by its walls. Thus, the wall should be well painted as well as clean.

XPro Clean helps the organizations by giving them professional cleaners. In addition, we do supply chemicals and wall cleaning equipments for effective results.

Moreover, we provide wall cleaning services in Mumbai, and all nearby MIDC areas. Therefore, any organization searching for the professional housekeeping company to clean the office walls, can contact us.

Washroom Deep Cleaning Service Mumbai

Office Washroom Cleaning Service

Any organization involved in serious business, needs to maintain high standards of sanitization in their office. In addition, they do need to maintain their washrooms. Thus, organizations need to hire the services of professional housekeeping companies. However, if your present housekeeping staff or service provider is incapable to maintain the washroom, must contact XPro Clean.

The highly experienced and skilled cleaners of XPro are all set to help corporate offices. Just contact us for the site inspection, and we will give deep washroom cleaning services in Mumbai.

Moreover, if you choose to hire professional cleaners for the office cleaning services, then there is no requirement to generate separate request for the toilet cleaning service.

Corporate Housekeeping Mumbai

Corporate Housekeeping Service

Any office maintained by the professional housekeeping company does not need to search for the deep cleaning service providers. It is the duty of the housekeeping staff to clean the office from top to bottom.

Moreover, if your present housekeeping staff or service provider is incapable, time to end their service contract.

Apart from office cleaning service, we do provide corporate housekeeping service in Mumbai. Our service includes, supply of professional janitors, cleaning chemicals, consumables and cleaning machines. Thus, to get the professional help, free to contact XPro Clean.