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House deep cleaning is the process of cleaning the entire residential property from top to bottom. It requires human efforts, as well as professional cleaning chemical and machines.

XPro Clean has an excellent track record of domestic cleaning service in Mumbai. We have a different cleaning packages to solve the different types of sanitization related issues. It includes, deep cleaning of regular residences (Flat Cleaning & Row-House Cleaning), crime scene cleaning solution, sanitization of residence for patients, and move-in and move-out cleaning in Mumbai.

Moreover, deep cleaning of residence is highly recommended to increase the age of your property. In addition, this process will remove the hidden dust and dirt particles from your house. Therefore, at-least a single time in a year, you must hire the professional cleaners to completely clean your property.

We have limited team of trained and professional janitors. Thus, we offer house cleaning service in Mumbai on first come first serve basis. To reserve your date, you will need to contact us atleast 2 days in advance. Moreover, we follow the traditional way of service. Thus, once you get satisfied from the service, then only you will have to pay (Cash/UPI/Bank-Transfer).
Home cleaning service Mumbai

House Deep Cleaning Charges in Mumbai

Property Type Deep Cleaning
(For Furnished Home)
Express Cleaning
(For Empty Flats)
1BHK Flat
up to 500 sq.ft.
₹5200 ₹4500
2BHK Flat
up to 750 sq.ft.
₹6200 ₹5500
3BHK Flat
up to 1100 sq.ft.
₹7200 ₹6500

For more details about flat cleaning in Mumbai, and booking, feel free to contact XPro Clean (deep cleaning unit of Infinite X-Tensions).

In single time deep home cleaning, we clean the flat by moving the heavy furnitures. In addition, we do clean the kitchen cabinets from inside by removing the utensils. Once the cleaning done, our janitor will place them back to their origional position.
Deep cleaning service Mumbai

Residential Deep Cleaning Service Mumbai

Deep cleaning includes dusting, mopping and use of the vacuum machine to clean the property. The services include in deep home cleaning is given below.

  1. Cleaning of windows, doors, sliding tracks of doors and windows, window grills, mosquito nets installed in the doors and windows.
  2. Cleaning of fan, tube-lights, bulbs or other lighting areas, power switches.
  3. Floor wet cleaning, kitchens wet cleaning & vacuum cleaning (including inside/outside cleaning of kitchen racks/cabinets or modular kitchen), wall attachments.
  4. Toilet cleaning and bathroom cleaing including, floor cleaning, pot cleaning and deep cleaning of all the other attachment installed in the washroom.

Moreover, some additional services like, wet wall mop for washable wall paints, and sofa shampoo services are also available. However, additional rates will be applicable for them.

cleaning service in Mumbai

Experss Cleaning or General Cleaning Services

In general-cleaning or express cleaning, residents can hire the professional janitors. However, this service is only applicable on empty flats. Thus, this service is also termed as move-in or move-out cleaning services.

Moreover, in express cleaning, the service standard and team size is the same as deep cleaning. The only difference is that, our janitors do not need to move any heavy furniture, nor they need to empty the kitchen cabinets and rearrange them (which is included in deep cleaning).

Moreover, express cleaning is similar to the janitorial service. In which you can use the services of janitors to clean any part of the property. The list of some popular cleaning services are given below.

  1. Floor mopping & washing.
  2. Toilet & Bathroom cleaning
  3. Kitchen cleaning service
  4. Window cleaning service
  5. Wet wall cleaning service
  6. Sofa Shampoo or Mattress Shampoo Services.
Advance Cleaning Service in Mumbai

Advance Cleaning Services

Advance cleaning service in Mumbai is available to give you an advance level of sanitization solution. You can avail this service along with the deep home cleaning services. However, extra charges will be applicable to avail such services.
The list of the additional services are given below.

  1. Wet Wall Mopping
  2. Sofa Cleaning (Shampoo or steam cleaning) Service
  3. Matterss Cleaning (shampoo or steam cleaning) service
  4. Carpet cleaning service
  5. Floor Scrubbing Service
  6. Green Turf Cleaning Services.
upholstery cleaning services in Mumbai

Furniture Cleaning Service

Xpro Clean do offer doorstep sofa cleaning, bed mattress cleaning and carpet cleaning service in all parts of Mumbai. Thus, if you want to clean the fabric of your upholstery, just dial the contact number of XPro Clean. We will send our expert cleaners along with an upholstery cleaning machine to remove the dirt, dust and stains from your sofa and mattress.

Moreover, during the home cleaning service booking, you can request us to book an upholstery cleaning service too. However, it will cost you few bugs extra.

Note: To maintain the hygiene in your home, must clean your house including, sofa and mattress, at least once in a year. To get it done by professional cleaners, contact us.

wall painting service in Mumbai

Professional Wall Painting Service

Wall painting is a complex process. It requires skilled painters as well as excellent knowledge of wall types and painting materials.

XPro Clean does give the professional wall painters in Mumbai. Therefore, if you are planning to renovate your home, must contact us for the regular painting, or textured wall painting service in Mumbai.

This service is also available of the interior decorators. Therefore, all interior designers are invited to request for the expert and skilled painters to decorate the home.